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We are Importers and Distributors of world-class Panasonic/Rocket/ Yuasa SMF batteries, AARBEE UPS systems Upto 200 KVA.
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Electronic Charger

Thank you very much for your choice of the Battery Charger.
Before you start using the Charger, it is important to read & understand this user manual. The user manual is primarily designed to inform you about the functions and capabilities of  your Battery Charger. It contains important safety and maintenance  information.


  • Chargers with physical damage to their casing, cables or socket   are at  risk of short-circuiting and / or are a potential shock hazard and must not be connected to mains power or output  charging  socket.

  • Contact your Charger supplier if you have any doubts.


Use the 12V Charger only on 12V Lead Acid / SMF or Gel cell type Batteries. Use 24V Charger on 24V Lead Acid / SMF or Gel cell type  Batteries, other  usage may cause personal injury and damage. Lead acid Batteries may generate explosive hydrogen gas during normal operation. Keep sparks,  flames, and smoking materials away from Batteries. Provide adequate ventilation during charging.


A. The Charger                      B. The Batteries

1.2  Do not expose the Charger to rain, snow, or liquids of any type. The CHARGER is designed for indoor use only.
       Protect the Charger from   splashing water or liquids if used in vehicle applications.

1.3 To reduce risk of electric shock, disconnect all wiring before making any attempt to
      maintain or clean the Charger.

1.4 The Charger is warm during the main charging process. Don't touch the Charger's
       case with  your hand  without protection.


2.1 Never charge a frozen battery and non- rechargeable Batteries.

2.2 Keep the Charger out of children's reach.

2.3 In case of the charger placed near a window, the Charger should be protected
      against direct sunlight as this may  overheat the charger.

2.4 To reduce risk of fire hazard, do not cover or obstruct the ventilation holes.

2.5 Do not install the Charger in a sealed compartment. It may result in overheating.

2.6 To avoid risk of fire or electronic shock, please make sure that existing wiring is
      in good conditions.

2.7 Do not operate the Charger with damaged or substandard wiring.


The Charger is supplied with a correctly polarized and mechanically coded charging plug. The charging plug must not be dismantled or modified. Do not  disassemble the Charger. Refer to supplier/ Manufacturer when service or maintenance is required.

Maintenance and Cleaning

For normal use, the Charger requires no maintenance over and above general  cleaning, which requires a soft dry cloth.


1. Short circuit protection - No Charger output Voltage in case of output short circuit, till short circuit is removed.

2. Reverse polarity protection - No Charger output, in case reversed polarity till reversed polarity is removed. The alarm LED will glow to remind you to remove  the reversed polarity.

3. Sparkless protection.

4. AC surge protection.

5. Over temperature protection
Max DC Current
10 A
       5 A
Suitable Battery Capacity (AH)
12V / 40AH ~200AH
       24V / 20 AH ~150 AH
Maximum external temperature
<50C at 25C ambient
       <50C at 25C ambient
Battery Voltage recover
Able to Charge  Battery with
minimum of 8V DC
Able to Charge  Battery with
minimum of 16V DC
Isolated class
Class II double Isolated
Safety approval
CE Compatible
1. Short circuit
2. Reversed polarity protection.
3. Sparkless protection
4. AC surge protection
5. Over temperature protection
Charging plug
Boost Charge Voltage
Min  =14.10 VDC 
max =14.30 VDC
Min  = 28.2 VDC 
max = 28.6 VDC
Floating Charge Voltage
13.45 -13.55 VDC
26.9 -27.1 VDC
(L*W*H) mm
177 * 87.5 * 51.5 mm
Weight (kg)
< 1.0kg Approximately.
Remarks: 1. Custom made specification are acceptable.
                2. We reserve the right to improve/change the specifications without prior notification.